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Kondi's Quest book launch

Today, Wednesday, August 17th, is the day for the debut of my book, Kondi's Quest.  I would like to create a sales surge -- a marketing ploy to bring my book closer to the front of the ranks on Amazon.  If you had planned to purchase Kondi's Quest, you would help me by buying at least one book today.  My rank yesterday was over 1 million.  This morning, at about 10:30, it was down to about 130,000.  (The closer one's rank is to number one, the better.  A lower rank means more visibility for those who don't know me or my book.)  Thank you for considering buying Kondi's Quest today.


Kondi's Quest launches on Wednesday, August 17th!  This has been a 24-year journey.  I'm thankful to the Lord, in awe at His goodness, that Kondi's Quest is finally ready to fascinate pre-teens and speak to them about God's goodness and love.  I have attached both front and back covers.

I would like to create a sales surge on Amazon.com  If any of you planned to purchase there, would you order them on Wednesday, August 17th?  I'd sure appreciate that.  Here's the reasoning behind this:  Amazon rates each book according to sales.  The more sales you have, the closer you come to "the front of the line."  The closer you are to the front of their pages of listed books, the more likely you are to make more sales from people who don't know you but are looking for a good book.   I'll appreciate your helping me in this way.  A sales surge is very effective.

For those of you who plan to buy a signed copy from my website, I'm set up to accept payments now.  I'll be delighted to sign a copy for you.  The price is $12.00 with $2.50 for shipping.  My shipment of books should arrive this week, so I hope there won't be a long delay for you. 

Now is a great time to buy Christmas gifts for all the pre-teens on your list.  Also, you might think of homeschooling moms and their kids.  Kondi's Quest is not only a fun story, it has a lot of interesting tid-bits about a new culture.  For instance, men are not welcome in a Malawian kitchen and an owl hooting nearby is not a good sign.

Best wishes for happy reading and sharing.