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My Books

~~~ Mysteries In Malawi ~~~

Kondi, a Malawian girl, is haunted with longing for her father’s love. She’s sure Bambo doesn’t love her, though, because he beats her when he’s drunk. Maybe things will improve when Mai’s baby comes. If Mai has a baby girl, I’ll draw and embroider designs on my baby sister’s clothes. She’ll love the bright colors.

However, one night, in a drunken rage, Bambo beats Mai so severely that the neighbors rush her to the hospital. Later, near the market, Kondi overhears her Uncle Kakama telling his friend, “I’ll sell Kondi off as a third wife to some rich man if my sister dies.” He can do it, too. But I’m just a girl! Oh God, what can I do?

Nobody knows what’s in the brown envelope her father carries everywhere – not even Mai, her mother. I’m afraid to even touch it!

Will her father ever love her? Will Mai and the baby live? Does God really plan for her, at thirteen, to become someone’s third wife? And what could possibly be in Bambo’s brown envelope? Join Kondi in a beautiful coming-of-age story that you won’t soon forget.

Kondi is on the move!

Waving longingly to her friends as she rides toward her new home on the back of an ox cart, Kondi already misses her best friend, Ulemu. What if she doesn’t make any friends in her new town? Fear makes her heart beat like a drum!

Once settled, though, Kondi gets the shivers when she discovers someone spying on her family. And her new teacher is up to no good and caught Kondi overhearing his plans! Now she just might be in danger!

Will God hear her prayers and intervene on her behalf? Will she ever find the joy she’s longing for?

Take a journey with Kondi as she continues to learn God’s provision never comes at the wrong time.

The Chisale family moves close to Malawi’s M1 highway. They’re happy—until one of Kondi’s classmates, Max, forces Kondi to do what he wants. He tells her to deliver a message to a man who wears a red shirt. He will appear at the crossroad near her home at midnight.

Max threatens to harm Kezo, Kondi’s baby brother, if she refuses—and especially if she tells Bambo and Mai what he’s making her do. So she has to help him.

In the dark of night, in the dense moon-shadow of a mango tree, she waits with the message for the red-shirted man. Then, much to her surprise, Ulemu, her best friend, walks toward her. What’s she doing here?

Can Kondi convince Ulemu to help her catch Max in his evil deeds? And will God help her keep baby Kezo safe?

~~~ Sweet Romances ~~~

Loneliness has hovered over Rayne DeMarco’s life ever since leaving East Africa to live on her own in Seattle. Frequent infusions of coffee have neither enlivened her flagging business as a freelance writer nor her social life. Seattle’s gray winter skies seem to mirror her life.

Then a mama cat with three rambunctious kittens finds a home in her above-the-garage apartment, and a handsome Montana cowboy, Matt Hayes, walks back into her life. Bring in a puppy who needs a little love and you have a Seattle romance that is as sure to warm your heart as the hot coffee Seattleites crave. 

Serving the supper crowd at the U District’s Starlight Café had not been in Skye Underwood’s plans for her future. Yet there she was, putting Shelvin Morris in his place along with his supper, coffee and pie. Just because he was handsome and flirty and reminded her of all she'd lost back home, didn't mean she had to give him the time of day. 

All she wanted was to get her RN degree at Seattle's U-Dub School of Nursing, and figure out where she'd gone so wrong in her life. So she was determined to ignore his disarming smile and the way her knees went weak when he said, “My friends call me Shell.”         

But when Johnny, a pint-sized customer, comes into the café all alone, plunks down a nickel on the counter next to Shell’s Stetson, and asks to buy a “hangaber,” Skye and Shell's lives are thrown together in a way neither of them could have seen coming. In their tentative alliance they find a single mother, hurting and all alone; a little boy with a heart as big as a Montana prairie; and two hearts that yearn for a love neither of them can ever have.