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Kondi's Quest recommendation.

Dear Sylvia,
I read your book and enjoyed it a great deal. If one changes the diorama
curtain and the vocabulary a bit, Kondi could live in India, South
... America or here in the US.

I enjoyed how clearly you displayed her shyness and fears, but also her
courage and pure faith.

I don't know if you meant it for adults or teens or young adults, but it
is suitable for all. I hope you get good distribution as it is worth the
time to read it.

I plan to loan it to a couple of young people at the church -- they are in high

You did a very good job and made Kondi very much a three dimensional
person. I like the ending and wish more such situations could end like
that. Our Lord is good and can do so much when we permit Him to do so.


Billie Reynolds

(Billie is the Treasurer for Oregon Christian Writers.)


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